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Local Garage Door Repair and Install Services

Five Star Garage Door Repair offers reliable and trustworthy garage door service to your neighborhood. Our team of professionals are always available to assist you in any way that we can. When you have repairs or installations that need to be made, be sure to contact us right away.

Overhead Door Service

We are committed to your satisfaction. That is why we have put together a comprehensive set of overhead door services to meet your needs.

The services you can expect from us include:

Overhead Door Repair

Over the course of time, general use can cause the mechanical and automatic parts of your overhead door to break. This requires you to call professionals you can trust. Here at Five Star Garage Door Repair, we use top of the line parts and tools for all of our jobs.

Installation of New Doors

If you are ready for an upgrade, we can help you. There is a full, online catalog you can order from with an endless combination of custom styles. You can choose the right color, size, panel style, insulation and more.

On Call 24/7

We understand that waiting for repairs can be more than an inconvenience. Having an overhead door that is not functioning properly leaves your home susceptible to break-ins. That is why we offer emergency repair for your satisfaction.

There is no additional charge for our emergency services. Our technicians will aim to get to your location about an hour after you call. With our estimated arrival time and high-quality repair work, you are sure to be satisfied.

General Maintenance

Every year, we recommend that you have general maintenance performed on your overhead door. After 20,000 cycles, parts are going to break or wear out. Even if you do not sustain any damage, the door will perform better with the right maintenance.

As part of our maintenance service, we can do a Tune-n-Lube. This is where we add lubrication to the mechanical parts of your system.

Call Today For Overhead Door Service

If you have an overhead door that is in need of our services, please contact us today. Five Star Garage Door Repair can get someone right out to you. Our technicians are all experienced and take pride in the work they do.

For high quality repair work and professional service, call us today. We have people standing by to take your call no matter what time of the day, night, or weekend.

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